We are the Champions

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Judy Correa

Hey Shellie -❤️


You were totally right!!!! This class was magic and awesome!!! Couldn't stop kicking, punching and singing at the same time hahaha. Loved how you mashed up "we will rock you" at the end with "low". What song did you use to mash them both?? Or is it a particular remix of we will rock you? Never heard that one before!

Shellie Cimarosti

Hi Andrea....gahhhhhh I love that you were singing along. When I am teaching, I sometimes get carried away with dancing and singing, haha! The mash up is one I found on one of my DJ sites I use to mix music!


With your workouts...I dance and sing all the time hahaha!!!! You are gonna laugh but didn't know there were dj sites to mix whatever music we want !!! If it's ok with you and have no problem at all, would you recommend me some?? (specially the one with that mash up with we will rock you) I'd love to have that one and specially to make my own music for my weight workouts. I kind of have my little gym at home, and since I'm graduating from law school next month, I'm going to have time to make my own playlists =)